The Areopagus has moved

Ben Hailey on January 4, 2012

  Well not really. It's still there of course.  But the thinkers and debaters have relocated to Exratia, the neighborhood where Alex and Tim live and labor for the Gospel.  We went there yesterday- tons of bookstores and printing shops. A lot of people want to see a lot of things change- new ideas, new government policies (or no government at all).  We believe the gospel transforms and changes things so that's where the Church goes as well.
After a little shopping and some great gyros for lunch, we headed to Mars Hill and picked up trash. One guy walked by and asked Nicholas, our intern, "Why are you doing this?". Nicholas replied,"To clean it up" Mars Hill belongs to God just like the rest of creation so we cleaned it up.  Genesis 2 along with the reality of the redemption of the earth to come, Jesus statement,"Behold I am making all things new" (Rev.21:5). We get to be in on that now, pretty cool.
Afterwards, we headed back to Center 68, where most of us continued working on some remodeling,painting, etc while a few played with some kids.  The guys then headed to a soccer team bible study where Nicholas gave his testimony. They didn't get in until after midnight. The rest of us got to hear my friend Manocher's testimony. Snippet: it involves a Bible, prison, and being banned from his country. He now leads the church's ministry to Muslims. Over 500 baptisms in the past 6 years. 
Today, we head back to our spiritual roots-Corinth.