Center 68

Ben Hailey on January 3, 2012

 The church here has an outreach ministry to neighborhood kids called Center 68. It's a little office type corner building. 68 is the street number. They have all sorts of games and educational things plus a game room in the the basement.  We spent several hours yesterday cleaning and organizing it. We had three teams- Admin, in charge of organizing the program that we will do today and thursday- Art/creative team, who painted the tables with games like backgammon  and several others- and the Maintenance team who cleaned the whole building inside and out, washing windows, mopping, etc. Alex told us that that little center is not only a great place for kids to come and play and learn about the gospel, but that he has had several people in the neighborhood tell him how pleased they are that something positive is going on around there. Even a couple folks stopped yesterday to volunteer. The content of the gospel pouring into the hearts of kids and Gospel presence shaping the whole neighborhood-both great things. Please pray for Center 68

Great food today. Going to Tim and Alex church plant. Then pick up trash at Mars Hill. Then back to Center 68