First Greek Evangelical

Ben Hailey on January 1, 2012

  This morning Pastor Giotis preached from Isaiah 41 when God tells his people to "Fear not, for I am with you (v.10)." He said there are two lies that often believe to cope with the fallen things of this world- self confidence and naïveté. But God tells us to fear not, not by believing more in ourselves nor by ignoring the reality of hard things, but by believing in his presence with us.  We serve a God who has pledged himself to us and is with us.  The reality of his presence ameliorates the reality of fallen ness-gives it perspective, allows us to breathe rather than choke, pass through it with 'God confidence, not self confidence.'

Several caught up on rest this afternoon after a delightful lunch at the Church following worship. A few of us jogged this afternoon around the entire base of the Agora and Acropolis. We caught quite a few looks (maybe glares). I wondered what they were saying in their heads, maybe something like, 'Dang boy, if you wouldnt eat so much  you wouldn't have to do that'. 

We're about to headed to the refugee center where Alex will walk us through our task this week. Then dinner out. Over and out