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FAQ for Parents and Visitors

Welcome to the website of Reformed University Fellowship at Texas A&M University! We are glad you are interested in our ministry and hope our responses to these frequently asked questions will be helpful as you explore the opportunities for fellowship on campus.

What is RUF?

RUF is the official campus ministry wing of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). The PCA sends ordained ministers to the campus to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to equip students to serve. While RUF receives oversight from the PCA, the ministry is open to students from all sorts of backgrounds, churched and unchurched. As we often say, we are here for the convinced and unconvinced.

What does "reformed" mean?

During the history of the Christian Church, the Church went through a time when the light of biblical truth became increasingly dim. It was left to a few men ignited by the Holy Spirit to rekindle the flame of the Gospel and to call the Church back to the Scriptures. Instead of being conformed to the world, the Church is to be transformed - that is, "REFORMED" - by the Scriptures. The people who sounded this alarm were called the Reformers of the Church - people like Martin Luther, John Calvin, Ulrich Zwingli, and John Knox. So broadly speaking, our designation as Reformed aligns us with the theology that sprang out of the Reformation, which is the common heritage of all Protestant churches.

How long has RUF been around?

RUF began in the mid-1970s in the state of Mississippi. Today, RUF is active on over 100 campuses nationwide. From schools as distant as New York University and the University of Washington, as diverse as the Citadel and Savannah School of Art and Design, as rigorous as Rice and Harvard, and as different as UT in Austin and Texas A&M in College Station, RUF challenges students with the life-changing reality of the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ and His Gospel of Salvation.

RUF has been on the campus of Texas A&M University as an officially recognized student group since 1987.

Who are the leaders of RUF?

The 2017-18 school year will be a year of transition for RUF.  Ben Hailey is the ordained minister who served with RUF the past nine years.  As of June 1, Ben has moved into a site pastor role with Westminster Presbyterian Church in College Station.   All the pastors from WPC will be working together to oversee the ministry of RUF while RUF National and the local presbytery searches for Ben's replacement.  Claire Broaddrick is our onsite intern and Beth Hailey will handle administrative tasks.  

Is RUF a para-church ministry?

RUF is accountable to the visible church of Jesus Christ as it is expressed in the Presbyterian Church in America. Therefore, RUF is held responsible to and is overseen by Christ's Church. Students do not have to go to a PCA church to be involved. In fact many don't. But we do want them to get plugged into a local expression of the body of Jesus Christ.

You see, RUF doesn't exist for itself but rather seeks to instill in students a sense of the importance of being plugged into a local community of believers. As we sometimes tell students, "These 4-5-6 years of your life in college are not a parenthesis in life, but life itself, and God desires that we be connected to communities of faith that include little babies that spit up on you and older Christians who have walked with Jesus longer than you have been alive." Campus ministries come and go, and in most cases, are there by design only during the university years. The church, however, will always be there for them.

What kind of stuff does RUF do?

RUF is involved in a number of different activities from conferences to outreach to fellowships. Every year, our chapter gathers with other RUF chapters from around the nation at Panama City Beach, Florida, for a week of sound biblical teaching from ordained ministers, as well as some fun in the sun. In the past few years, RUF has participated in mission trips to Baton Rouge, LA and Athens, Greece. Moreover our students have led outreach to children in Bryan neighborhoods, and we have served the local church and neighborhoods by annually sponsoring a Fall Festival.

In addition to these activities, we have tailgate parties, movie nights, Bible studies and retreats.

Can I visit any of the RUF activities?

Please do! Our marquee event during the fall and spring semesters is our weekly large group gathering. If you are not here during the week, we'd love to invite you to worship with us Sundays at Westminster Presbyterian Church. If you are here when we happen to be doing a movie night, or a cookout, or even a scavenger hunt, please feel free to join in on the fun.

how is RUF supported?

RUF is supported by churches in the state of Texas and by individuals across the nation who believe in what God is doing through the ministry. If you feel so inclined, we would love to have you as a part of our support team!

Can I be placed on RUF's mailing list?

Absolutely! We have both an e-mail newsletter (usually sent monthly) that contains updates and prayer requests, as well as a "snail-mail" newsletter (usually sent three times a year) that gives a more thorough review and preview of the ministry. To sign up for these, please fill out the e-mail broadcast form!